Day Tour Itineraries

  • Bird Walk #1 – Depart from the Gustavus dock on foot and walk along the sandy beach to view a variety of seabirds including scoters, murres, murrelets, terns and gulls. From there, we turn up the Salmon River to search for ducks, geese, eagles, kingfishers and shorebirds. We then loop back across a wildflower meadow to where we began, looking for passerines. 

  • Bird Walk #2 – Depart from Gustavus and drive to Glacier Bay National Park headquarters. We can opportunistically bird from our vehicle along the way. From the trailhead in Glacier Bay, we will walk along the edge of an estuary where we can see ducks, geese, eagles and great blue herons. The estuary turns into an intertidal river which provides excellent and varied habit for gulls, terns and ducks. We will return via a forest trail to look and listen for songbirds.

  • Geology Walk – Depart from Gustavus and drive to Glacier Bay National Park. We walk the one mile long Forest Loop Trail to see glacial moraines, uplifted beaches, serene ponds and temperate rain forest filled with bird song. This trail is handicap accessible. If time allows, we will walk further down the beach to learn more about the Little Ice Age and how it affected the local region.

  • Intertidal Walk - Depart from the Bartlett Cove Dock and walk a quick ¼ mile to the Huna Tribal House to look at the newly erected (2016) structure. The outside of the building has a beautifully, hand-carved screen depicting stories of the Tlingit culture.  The importance of the relationship is between the Tlingit people and Glacier Bay cannot be overstated. Another ¼ mile beyond the Tribal House is a place locally referred to as simply, “The Cut”. Here, a freshwater stream flows into the sea. We plan to arrive here at low tide to learn about and photograph the biologically diverse inter-tidal ecosystem which is one of the richest in the area. In addition to the numerous invertebrates that populate this rocky stream bed, it is also possible to sea harbor seals at the mouth, and numerous birds as well.